Sustainable actions for a healthier planet

Who We Are

The Earth’s oceans, river and beaches are increasingly under threat. We engage the Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement community and network to build a more sustainable, plastic-free future by working towards community organisation, biocultural diversity, and sustainable development within the maritime industry.

Ways of protecting
our oceans

If it's plastic, think twice

Replace plastic straws with reusable stainless-steel. Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the United States alone.

Keep a green shopping bag with you. One person can save up to 600 plastic bags per year.

Carry with you a reusable bottle. A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute.


We’re on a mission

Our pledge is to pave the way to a cleaner future, conscious of the health and safety of all.

An extension of Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement’s corporate social responsibilities, we are passionate about protecting our livelihood - the world’s oceans, rivers and beaches. BlueSeasMatter is a wave of change across land and sea, focused on growing social responsibility to fight plastic pollution.

1.15 to 2.41 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean each year from rivers
There are 5 garbage patches across the world’s oceans where trash accumulates
1 million sea birds and 100,000 marine mammals are killed from plastic pollution annually

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